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Our Cottage "not-so-modern"

Here are some pictures of our beautiful starting point. At least it was clean and livable. Now we live in a dust pit, walking around in hard soled slippers. Luckily the guys who are working on the house have done a great job cleaning up after their work and someday soon we'll have appliances again!! Work in progress pictures to follow soon.

As dated and unstylish as these photos are, they don't capture the charm and nostalgia that this home truly does have.  Its always nice to inject your own sense of style and personality into your living space, but knowing that this was a warm, welcoming family home that hosted countless get-togethers, and provided the warmth of family and fellowship for many years before we came along is a comforting, honorable thing.....sometimes hard to "take it all apart", but we hope to inject our "new" home with warmth, friends and fellowship for years to come.

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