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Color in Kitchens

All of the many Christmas schemes have me thinking color, color, color.  Normally, my preference when it comes to most things is white on white on white on white on white on white......(you get the idea), but I love an injection of color here and there to add an element of the unexpected.  That said, here are a rainbow of kitchens that definitely aren't shy when it comes to unconventional life and color.  I couldn't live with this look long-term, but definitely love the eye candy that these spaces offer.

Red lacquer with a nod to an Asian influence--love how daring this is, yet so pulled together and deliberate.

This citrus-injected kitchen was featured on HGTV's Bang for you Buck, which showcases clever (and some not-so-clever) homeowners who renovate their space for a specific dollar amount.  If I remember correctly, the homeowners who created this mod kitchen were criticized for the "too design-specific" hits of orange they used.  I think its brilliant though--the high-gloss orange adds just the right amount of punch, and speaks to the mid-century flavor of the rest of the home.  Well done!

via Canadian House & Home

For me, the idea of a yellow kitchen conjures up images of the "harvest gold" appliances I grew up with.  While I would find a soft cream more livable than all over yellow, the bright lemony pops in these photos add an unexpected, yet tasteful hit.  If you're daring enough to invest in a colored appliance, click here to see the full range of gorgeous hues Bertazzoni has to offer.

This apple green kitchen is fun on so many different levels!  I love the mix of modern and traditional elements (where can I get some of those counter stools?), and the alphabet lettering on the glass doors.  Not to mention the "christmasy" color scheme....perfect for this season!

Speaking of green, I couldn't leave this one out--so much drama in such a tiny space!

Turquoise has become so synonymous with blue I can't even think "blue" without first thinking "aqua".  That first kitchen is the ultimate in commitment--what a bold hue, and used so liberally throughout the space--beautifully done.  If you're like me though, the glossy pop of turquoise in the second kitchen is just enough to make a statement, but keep me from tiring of this popular color.

There's so much mystery and depth to the color indigo, yet there's a gentlemanly, traditional feel to it.  Both of the above kitchens are "go big or go home" on this inky shade, yet there's a very serene, understated luxury here. 

I recall seeing that violet kitchen in an issue of Canadian House & Home at least five years ago (if not longer).  Yet despite its deliberate color choice, this beautifully designed space still looks current and very unique.  The second photo is also shown here, and is seriously daring.  I'd love to know how the designer convinced the clients that this was the "right" design for the space.  Or maybe the clients had to convince the designer!

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