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Gray & Gold

A long-time favorite color combo of mine is gray and gold.  Maybe its the tension created when mixing a warm and cool tone, or maybe its the quiet pairing of two luxurious hues that gets me.  I don't know, but I've loved it for years, and continue to be drawn to interiors with these colors.  Gray can seem so cold to some, but I think adding golds, yellows or chartreuse tones can inject a "ray of sunshine" and really bring a gray room to life.  I've experimented with this in my own homes, and hope to share more of this mix as I continue to play with these lovely colors.

I love my soft gray furniture--I've always wanted pure white, but this is more forgiving, and still maintains the light palate I'm always after.

My house at Christmas.....I love how gray, gold and turquoise work so well together.

These acid-green pillows and charcoal upholstered wall are to die for!  I love how this room feels so luxe, even with a simplistic mix of elements.

I'd feel like a million dollars even if I were sitting in this room in my pyjamas!

 Sara Richardson

It might be a stretch for this room to qualify as gray and gold, but I've loved this space forever, and thought that the small brass and mirror side table made it worthy.  And I can't get enough of the glorious built-in banquette!


And finally, these last three rooms, all designed by Steven Gambrel offer an amazing mix of gray and varying shades of gold.  There is definitely a warmth to these spaces, and the bold patterns and rich textures really add to the visual interest.  Beautifully done.

Happy Friday, and have a great weekend! 


Sarah said...

I love the first series of pictures and it is a wonderful color combo! That Caldwell Flake design team blows me away - GORGEOUS! have a great weekend!! :))

lisaroy said...

I'm really in love with grey interiors and pairing grey with gold is so pretty and keeps them from feeling drab. :)

My House, My Garden said...

Love this combination! Thanks for putting all of these images together. I especially love the V's in your first photos. Seeing that I am Vikki, I am going to have to copycat you and put a few V's around my space!