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Painted Wall Paneling

Lately, I've had an obsession with painted wall paneling.  Probably because the last couple of months have revolved around weekends of a little DIY project in the nursery putting up board-and-batten paneling.  It was an ambitious project for us that turned out beautifully--photos to come!  I also used horizontal paneling in our recent bathroom remodel, and am so pleased with the results.

The idea of bringing dimension to walls with the addition of simple strips of moulding, wood or panels is certainly not new, but there are so many gorgeous applications, from cottage-country to contemporary that its somewhat of a hot look right now.  What I like most is the way paneling can create a great marriage between different design styles, as well as allow a single paint color to take center stage in a room.

You need little else in a space like this to add drama or interest.  The minimal accessories are enough to allow that towering wall of paneling and sweeping staircase to take center stage.

Again, this floor to ceiling wall treatment provides the perfect backdrop for pared down art and accessories.  I love the perfectly equal panels that wrap the entire room.

In and of itself, a black wall makes a statement, but the added panel detailing makes the look so intentional.  The traditional nature of the paneling is a perfect contrast with that ultra-modern bathtub.

Sarah Richardson Design

This bedroom vingette, created by the Sarah Richardson Design team for Toronto's 2011 Interior Design Show uses full height v-groove paneling to provide a casual backdrop for bold color and a mix of modern and traditional furnishings.  The dimensional white walls make a statement without getting in the way.

This kitchen and bath are among my favorite rooms right now.  Both spaces utilize horizontal paneling in a decidedly modern way, but the addition of traditional elements like the rustic, farmhouse-style island in the kitchen, and the clawfoot tub and antique sconces in the bathroom inject interest and quiet drama.  I love the simplicity of that wall-mounted faucet above the bathtub.

Board-and-batten walls started as an exterior application where flat panels were applied to the surface (boards), and vertical strips were attached to cover the seams (battons).  Traditionally, this treatment was common on old barn structures, and is also referred to as barn siding.  Its come a long way from its humble roots, and is used now in interior spaces to add height, dimension and interest.  It looks best when two-thirds of the vertical wall space is taken up with the paneling, and provides natural places to mount hooks, light fixtures and artwork.  

Another example of vertical wall paneling working to unite both contemporary and "cottagey" elements.  This space shows it extending onto the ceiling surface, which adds great continuity and interest to the fifth wall.  

These last two spaces are absolute favorites.  There's a rustic, cottage vibe with the natural wood tones and horizontal paneling, but some of the accessories and furnishings have such modern flair that I can't decide which I like best!  I feel like I could move right into this space and love everything about it.  Plus, if you look close, you'll see that the last photo manages to showcase my two faves--horizontal paneling right alongside board-and-batton.  Perfectly done, if you ask me!

Check back soon for photos of my own wall-paneling adventures.  The rooms are almost done!

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Sarah said...

I love these looks, especially the Sarah Richardson room in yellow and white - wow, that is gorgeous!