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Why Does Everyone Want a White Kitchen?

I haven't chatted about kitchen design for a while now, and since the arrival of a new bundle (of joy!) will probably take center stage for the next little while, I wanted to take the opportunity (while I have it) to talk about something career-related.  White kitchens have been "on trend" for a while now, and they seem like the right choice for so many interior spaces.  Besides the obvious though, why is it that this is now the go-to for homeowners and designers alike?

1.  Designers are still excited about white.  When I see a beautiful white kitchen, my heart beats just a little bit faster.  When clients come to me asking for white kitchens, I never tire of the request, and look forward to pulling together all of the elements that will make their "white" kitchen a success.  I'm not even sure I can pinpoint an exact reason, but I think it has something to do with white's ability to be the perfect backdrop, while at the same time being the star of the show and setting a tone for the entire space.

2.  Everyone wants what everyone else has.  While I realize that this is a major generalization, I do see the "white" trend driving more of the same trend.  This look probably won't be popular forever, but for the moment it has a captive audience that continues to breed more and more interest.  But really, who wouldn't want to live in this white-on-white kitchen pictured above?

Pinterest/Kitchen designed by Mick de Giulio

3.  There's a sense of the "non-committal"--in a good way--when you choose white.  In a way, white is the perfect choice for those who are afraid to commit to a color or wood species that they might tire of in a few years.  However, instead of defaulting like we sometimes do by painting all of our walls white because we're overwhelmed by all of the choices, white kitchens don't have the yawn factor that white walls can.  There's so much opportunity for layering of textures and materials in a white kitchen (think glossy white backsplash tile with silky smooth honed marble countertops), that the end result is anything but monotonous.  Add to that the dimension and depth you get from paneled doors, moulding details and wall paneling, and an all-white kitchen can really come alive.  Now the only choice is what shade of white to go with.......:)

4.  White is versatile and complimentary, making it easy to transition to other colors and finishes.  I love the kitchen pictured above.  It has an abundance of lightness and brightness, definite injections of white, but is perfectly balanced by the addition of that gorgeous smokey charcoal color.  In the same way, white can be the perfect partner if your mood changes with the seasons and you like to incorporate bold shots of accent color.  It allows you to experiment with different colors, wood species and finishes, and add a dose of something different without completely straying from classic white, like in the kitchen below.

5.  With white, you have the opportunity to inject the unexpected, and have it really stand out.  Because white is so common right now, spaces that incorporate white with some more uncommon elements can really steal the show.  This kitchen above is one of my all time favorites--the white cabinetry and coffered ceiling are beautiful in and of themselves, but also provide the perfect backdrop for those steel-framed french doors--they punctuate that back wall and guide my eye easily through the space.  The herringbone pattern on the floor is another unexpected element, and really elevates this kitchen to a level of high design and well thought out detail.

There you have it.  My thoughts on why white continues to be the new white :)  How about you?  What reasons do you have for choosing a white kitchen?

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