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An Accidental Favorite: Turquoise & Orange

Since the nursery color combo has been on my mind a lot lately, I'm taking notice of this combination everywhere.  I didn't realize it was so popular until I did some more digging, and now that I've found this collection of delicious images, I'm liking these colors even more......

What a fabulous kid's space!  Its so chic and modern, but still incorporates a touch of whimsy with that zebra rug, fresh palate, and monogrammed pillows.  My favorite part--the antler chandelier!  What a great crowning touch.

House Beautiful via House of Turquoise

Since I have kid's rooms on the brain, this one obviously struck a chord with me!  My favorite part--that grandparent's-house-meets-cabin vintage-look sailboat wallpaper.  Love it!

 House Beautiful

I've always loved this room--so serene but that orange quilt adds such an unexpected zing of color.  

 Elle Decor

Never mind the delicious color combination, I want that chandelier!  The mix of styles make this room feel so lovely and fantastical....

 Emily Gilbert via House of Turquoise

This goldy-peach version of orange is handled so well in this space.  Perfectly complimented by a soft, seafoam tone.  Beautiful!

Personally, I don't think I could live in this room, but I'd love to vacation in a space like this.  There's a lot to look at, and the whole room kind of wraps you up in a warm, graphic hug :)

 Tobi Fairley

Tobi Fairley

I could move right in to both of these spaces!  I love the jade tone in the first photo--an interesting and unexpected compliment to the orange.  In the bedroom, orange and turquoise is handled in such a sophisticated way--restrained pops of color, but an overall serene feel to the room.

I haven't seen a space by Tracery Interiors that I don't immediately fall in love with.  There's a refined rusticity to both of these rooms that feels so comfortable.  Accents of orange and aqua are beautifully handled, adding interest and punch.  I especially love the wallpaper in that bedroom--so fun!


Baby CottageModern's Nursery Colors

As I've mentioned, there's a lot going on in my house in preparation for the "new little addition".  I remember a few months back when I had a ton of energy and a ton of ideas--all of which I had every intention of implementing.  I work well under pressure, and need deadlines to motivate me to action, so there's nothing like an impending birth to get me workin'.  Unfortunately (this being my first and me being completely clueless), I "forgot" that carrying around a fully-inflated beach ball on my front (as well as additional poundage elsewhere...ugh) might slow me down a little bit.  Needless to say, I'm still trying to accomplish a lot, and thankfully its starting to come together. 

 (from top to bottom) 
Benjamin Moore's Pool Blue (accent paint color); 
Fireball Orange (accent color); 
Restoration Hardware's Pale Silver (main wall color)

Months ago, as I was trying to come up with a less-conventional color combo for the baby's room, I decided that if it was a boy, I'd do turquoise and orange, and if it was a girl I'd go with turquoise and lavender.  Secretly, I'd always preferred the turquoise and orange idea, and am excited to get to carry it out.  A few of my A-list finds related to this color combo:

This bedding is ordered and should be arriving on my doorstep tomorrow!  Excited to see how these pieces look in the room.  I'm in love with pretty much everything Serena & Lily has to offer, and was so excited to find this color combo in their "Ben" nursery bedding collection.

The bedding is going on this crib, which I'm extremely pleased with now that its all assembled.  It has a modern look, but was a fraction of the cost of all those beautiful clean-lined modern ones.

This was the fabric that got it all started for me, and although it isn't a perfect match to the bedding, I'm still trying to figure out a way to make it work in the room (this image looks much more seafoam green--in reality, its a nice turquoise/aqua).  I love the color, the over-scaled geometric pattern, and the fact that it has some soft sophistication to it. 

I fell in love with these floor pillows from aletafae on Etsy.  They are made in a variety of graphic fabrics, and the designer who makes them has such a wonderful eye for color and fabric that its hard to decide which one to go with!  I haven't officially placed my order yet, but plan to order the one pictured above.  It will be a great foot rest during those late-night feedings, as well as a fun piece of furniture when the baby becomes more mobile.

Some other finds that will help accessorize the room:

Love the softer colors, and the fact that my hometown in Saskatchewan, Canada is visible in this U.S. map :)

I have a few whale items throughout the room, including the pillow from West Elm.  I'm not really into "themes" as such, but there are some cute things out there, and hopefully I can tastefully integrate a few of them.  The bookends are on my wish list, but at their current price tag, I'm sure they won't be making it into this nursery anytime soon. Will they, Mr.CottageModern? :)

Actual photos of the room coming soon!


Painted Wall Paneling

Lately, I've had an obsession with painted wall paneling.  Probably because the last couple of months have revolved around weekends of a little DIY project in the nursery putting up board-and-batten paneling.  It was an ambitious project for us that turned out beautifully--photos to come!  I also used horizontal paneling in our recent bathroom remodel, and am so pleased with the results.

The idea of bringing dimension to walls with the addition of simple strips of moulding, wood or panels is certainly not new, but there are so many gorgeous applications, from cottage-country to contemporary that its somewhat of a hot look right now.  What I like most is the way paneling can create a great marriage between different design styles, as well as allow a single paint color to take center stage in a room.

You need little else in a space like this to add drama or interest.  The minimal accessories are enough to allow that towering wall of paneling and sweeping staircase to take center stage.

Again, this floor to ceiling wall treatment provides the perfect backdrop for pared down art and accessories.  I love the perfectly equal panels that wrap the entire room.

In and of itself, a black wall makes a statement, but the added panel detailing makes the look so intentional.  The traditional nature of the paneling is a perfect contrast with that ultra-modern bathtub.

Sarah Richardson Design

This bedroom vingette, created by the Sarah Richardson Design team for Toronto's 2011 Interior Design Show uses full height v-groove paneling to provide a casual backdrop for bold color and a mix of modern and traditional furnishings.  The dimensional white walls make a statement without getting in the way.

This kitchen and bath are among my favorite rooms right now.  Both spaces utilize horizontal paneling in a decidedly modern way, but the addition of traditional elements like the rustic, farmhouse-style island in the kitchen, and the clawfoot tub and antique sconces in the bathroom inject interest and quiet drama.  I love the simplicity of that wall-mounted faucet above the bathtub.

Board-and-batten walls started as an exterior application where flat panels were applied to the surface (boards), and vertical strips were attached to cover the seams (battons).  Traditionally, this treatment was common on old barn structures, and is also referred to as barn siding.  Its come a long way from its humble roots, and is used now in interior spaces to add height, dimension and interest.  It looks best when two-thirds of the vertical wall space is taken up with the paneling, and provides natural places to mount hooks, light fixtures and artwork.  

Another example of vertical wall paneling working to unite both contemporary and "cottagey" elements.  This space shows it extending onto the ceiling surface, which adds great continuity and interest to the fifth wall.  

These last two spaces are absolute favorites.  There's a rustic, cottage vibe with the natural wood tones and horizontal paneling, but some of the accessories and furnishings have such modern flair that I can't decide which I like best!  I feel like I could move right into this space and love everything about it.  Plus, if you look close, you'll see that the last photo manages to showcase my two faves--horizontal paneling right alongside board-and-batton.  Perfectly done, if you ask me!

Check back soon for photos of my own wall-paneling adventures.  The rooms are almost done!


Respect the Process

Designing and renovating are truly a process--often lengthy--that can bring about an array of emotion in clients and designers alike.  From excitement to impatience, and sometimes anger and frustration, there are high points and low points in the.  Its helpful to keep in mind that all of this is normal, and there have even been studies conducted that chart out when to expect the "highs", and when the worst and most frustrating times will be.  More often than not in my career as a designer, I've found that my clients can be my best friends, or look at me as someone to blame when things aren't quite as they expected.  Its sometimes difficult to see past the immediate situation and focus on the beauty of the end result.  The reason this is so fresh in my mind right now is because over the past few weeks, I think I've encountered every emotion that goes along with renovating, and I have no one to blame but myself  :)

With the exception of paint, a minor re-glazing project, and the final accessories and styling, my 50's bathroom renovation is complete.  Here's a walk through the process so far......

A reminder of the glorious "before".  My emotion at this point was complete apathy and neglect for the space.  Even keeping this place clean was kind of like trying to polish a turd, so letting go of what was in here wasn't difficult.

Lucky for me, the wallpaper came off like butter, and Mr. CottageModern pried out the cemented-in vanity in less than an hour.  With the cabinet and vanity gone, you can see the varying shades of "band-aid" in all their glory.  Feeling very excited about progress at this point.

We thought the floors would be the biggest beast to remove.  My innovative husband came up with some sort of primitive dual-wrecking bar system, and managed to pry it up in large sheets.  Genius things happen at 12:00 am.  I'm sure the neighbors were thrilled to hear the sounds of inch and a half thick tile and cement hitting the bottom of a dumpster at all hours of the night.

The bathroom came apart relatively easy, all things considered.  After 2 weeks of living in sub-par conditions, however (aka our 50's basement bathroom--yes, there's another one that's actually worse in some ways than the upper level), we were almost coming apart too.  I'd reached the point where things were moving along construction-wise, but not much progress was being made with the "pretty" things I'd chosen.  Then our air-conditioning quit, and it was game over for a couple of days for me.  Nothing like incurring another large expense in the midst of renovations, and having to sleep in a stifling hot box during one of the country's craziest heat waves.  I was beyond grateful when our new A/C unit came, even after a week of waiting.  At this point, I decided to put together a "mood board" to lift my own mood and organize all of the clippings of selections I had lying around for the project.  This helped tremendously, and referring back to it over the next little while lifted my spirits.

Here's the part where everyone freaks out and gets mad, and I was no exception.  The first of the tile selections go in, and they're not looking "perfect" and "done" the first day.  I know its typical to have a chalky haze of grout covering the tile right after its completed, but I was so amped up about the dark tile and excited to see it, that when I came home and saw this, it was instant disappointment.  Again, no one's fault, just impatience on my part, and an inability to respect the process at this point.

Even the pretty glass and stone accent tile was looking dirty, and the whole mess was causing me to doubt all of my decisions and material choices.  Silly, I know, because I coach clients into not falling into this type of desperation, but its so easy to get to this point!  The ironic thing was, this was the morning we left for a five-day weekend to visit my family, so I was forced to step away from the situation, trust my contractor (who has been fantastic throughout the entire process), and let the rest of the work happen according to my plans, but in my absence.  It was a good thing though, because to my delight, I came home to this:

While the space has a long way to go to reach the finish line, I can now breathe a sigh of relief at the way everything is coming together.  Details I love are the wood-look porcelain floor, the v-groove wainscotting (standard Home Depot v-groove panels that I had installed horizontally instead of vertically), and the grayed oak linen cabinet.  I'm SO pleased with the way that cabinet turned out, and can't wait to add the finishing touches with hardware and accessories.

With the tiles cleaned up, the glass accent sparkles.  I'm exercising my patience with that tub though--its getting re-surfaced (in white, of course) next week.

Here's a little bit of pretty......I'm loving this faucet, and guess what?  The hot water is now officially in working order :)  I'm a happy girl, and can't wait to get this space completed.  Stay tuned!


My Wonderful Weekend

This past weekend I headed back home to Canada to visit my family one last time before the baby is born.  I had  a very memorable time, and I want to take the opportunity to brag on my wonderful family for the great time they hosted for me while I was there. 

First, I got to see this little peanut, who is just as precious as ever, and is developing the most charming, fun-loving personality.

Then, my talented sister-in-law, who owns and designs wedding cakes for Sugar! Wedding Cakes invited me to help her with a one-of-a-kind creation for a wedding this weekend.  It was SO MUCH FUN, and the cake, which was inspired by the art of quilling, turned out beautifully!

We had hours and hours of fun, and I was honored to be a part of this custom piece, which by the way, tastes as good as it looks.  The banana cake she makes is delicious, and cream cheese frosting is to die for!  The baby definitely got a sugar rush during my visit this weekend!  

In the midst of all of this fun, my sis topped it off by telling me that she was hosting a "surprise" baby shower on Sunday afternoon!  So exciting, and so appreciated by me.  Despite having cakes to bake, decorate and deliver all weekend, she managed to fit everything in, and threw me a wonderful shower where I had the opportunity to see old friends and dear family members from my "homeland".  And I certainly can't neglect to mention my amazing mom in all of this--it was the two of them who worked really hard to make this all come together in a beautiful (and delicious!) way.  Here's what they did:

Lovely little touches throughout the house--inspired by my color scheme for the baby's room, aqua and orange, and my love for little baby whales.

I love the handmade touches the best, and am so excited about this art piece my sis made for the baby's room--perfect color choices, and so well put together!  Beautiful job, and I can't wait to get it hung up in the completed nursery.

My mom's "cake" creation is so special to me.  She put it together with handmade receiving blankets (made by her, of course), and a collection of the tiniest, most wonderful little sleepers for the new baby boy.  It still seems surreal that we'll be welcoming him into the world in just two short months!

So together with a smattering of sweet desserts, an afternoon of fun and fellowship with family and friends (not to mention the generous gifts given by all), and the hard work and love my family poured into making this a memorable weekend, I'm one happy mama-to-be.  Thank you and love you lots, mom and Sheena!