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Decorating My House: Why Is it So Hard to Decide?

We're in the midst of several projects at home right now, which will [hopefully] result in some more frequent and interesting blog posts!  Currently, we're renovating our sunroom, finishing our entryway and stairwell, and adding some furniture (and style) to the living room.  Whenever we start a new project, the excitement gets me antsy about all of the other "unfinished" spaces, and I want to do everything at once and get it all done so everything can look finished and pretty.  This drives my husband crazy because it means I'm spending money on "details" not related to the current project.  Can anyone relate?  So right now, as we're trying to get the sunroom and entryway completed, my mind is wandering and I'm on the hunt for accent pillows for my living room. 

Here are a couple of corners of my living room (sorry for the Christmas photo--its the only one I have of that end of the space!).  The colors are cool but cozy--light gray on the furniture with accents of chartreuse and turquoise here and there.  My problem with the space is that I don't think there's enough pattern going on.  The large patterned pillow in the Christmas photo is too festive for all year round, and its on its way out in favor of some more livable patterns.  My problem is that I'm completely indecisive when it comes to committing to patterns for my own space.  I can pull things together for clients, no problem, but for myself its another story.  I want to keep the chartreuse pillows because I love that color and don't get tired it, but I need something else. Here's what I've found so far, but I'm nowhere near saying yes to any of these!

Imperial Trellis is everywhere, almost nearing the point of being overdone.  I don't care even a little bit though, because I love it, and I want a piece of this trend :)  This is probably my number one choice for pattern and color, but then I'll need something a little more random and organic to pair with it.

There's a reason that this pattern is also hugely popular and nearing overdone-ness as well.  The color combos are so unique, as is the overscaled subject matter.  I think its the perfect juxtaposition with the Imperial Trellis.

Other fabrics I'm loving--not necessarily together, but as a jumping point for the room:

Bold, but with an organic quality that I like.  Both by Schumacher, and I love the charcoal and chartreuse colorways it comes in

Also by Schumacher, these fabrics would bring in more of the colors I love, and definitely make a statement

Or I could play it a bit safer, and go for a softer feel.  The fabrics on the left are from Calico Corners, and the bird-inspired one on the right is from Schumacher.

Obviously, I have a split personality when it comes to what direction to go, and what would be a really great jumping point for the space.  Opinions are welcome here.....anything to give me a push to choose something!

Have a great weekend!

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Holly Gruszka said...

Well at least it doesn't seem like you're picky when it comes to selecting patterns, so that's good. I love the chartreuse that you have going on in your living room. And I really like what I see of that patterned pillow in your living room. Your living room is beautiful by the way. I agree that Imperial Trellis all over but I also think it's a classic too and I don't think you would tire of it too quickly. The Chiang Mai on the other hand has beautiful colors and colorways, but I feel like I would tire of that very easily - but pillows are a personal decision. Do you have someone that makes the pillows for you? I was going to recommend a few Etsy shops to you (will send you a separate e-mail since this comment is getting long).