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Homesense Happy

I posted here about a little find from Homesense--all you lucky Canadians out there know of the store I'm talking about.  Here it sits, in its $29.99 glory:

And here it is, available for purchase for $110.00 from Jonathan Adler.  Still flying high about this little acquisition:

I would have been happy forever with my one little piece of Jonathon Adler pottery, so imagine my delight when I opened this up on my birthday last month:

Yep, I got another one!  After my initial score of that gold bowl during my last visit to Canada, my sister in law was on the look out for similar pieces, and actually scored the same one for herself.  Then one night, she called me from Homesense, excited as could be to tell me that she'd found another piece--this one on clearance for $25.00!  I told her to snag it for me right away, and was even more excited to open it up as a gift-wrapped little treasure for my birthday.  Here it is from J.A.:

I don't know how any of this stuff works, or how places like Homesense can get these types of pieces (that are still available at full price elsewhere) and sell them for so cheap, but I'll take it.  Maybe my two little vases have some miniscule imperfection, but they look perfect to me.  Here are a couple more peeks at the shelf flanking my fireplace:

I love owls, and have several (too many) around the house.  The ones I collect are mostly white, but these little treasures are particularly special.  They were on a coffee table at my grandma's house as far back as I remember, and when she moved into a smaller apartment, many of her things needed new homes.  I was happy to take this little family of owls, and they now proudly stand as our little mascots--one for each of us in the house :)

I do promise an overall shot of my fireplace wall, including a look at my new shelves.  Surprisingly, they are completely decorated and styled, and my little guy stays away from them for the most part.  Could be the wall of toys I have as decoys, and as soon as I can move all of his gear long enough to snap a few photos, I'll get them posted.

Happy October!


designchic said...

What a great find - your bookshelves are stunning. Love the wallpaper in the back!

Holly Gruszka said...

I love those cute owls from your grandma's house, that is really special to be able to hold onto those. And another score at Homesense - that's awesome. I always wonder about their inventory as well (we have Home Goods which I'm assuming is sort of the same). I've seen Robert Abbey lamps recently and most of those retail for over $150/200. And I've seen them for $60-70 which is nuts. And how do you like Kelly Wearstler's book? I've been adding to my Amazon wish list and always like recommendations from friends.

Unknown said...

I love a good bargain and these are some fantastic finds. I have also always wondered how they manage to sell them for less than half the normal retail price - we have TK Maxx here in the UK and they do the same thing (half of our house has been furnished thanks to TK Maxx)!

Anonymous said...

Just found your blog from 6th Street design school - and I am in love. I am a fellow Minneapolis resident, and I have one of those same owls!! Mine got a coat of teal spray paint... Man do I wish that I had a whole family!