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I mentioned in my last post that decorating at my house had been on hold because of my involvement in decorating for church events this year.  I'm happy to say that after being snowed in all weekend, (Minneapolis got hit hard, and I LOVE all the snow we have) my house is much more Christmas-ey now.  I'll  post some photos of that this weekend, but first I wanted to share some more fun stuff from my weekend of decorating for my church.

Every year, a fantastic committee plans a 2 two-night event for women only--a fancy dinner with a Christmas program to follow.  It takes a ton of planning, coordinating and preparation to pull it together, and it always ends up being such a fun event.  One of the most unique parts is that handfuls of women sign up to "hostess" tables for the dinner, and part of their duties is to set and decorate their table.  This means that out of 20 or so tables, each one is different and special, and there are lots of ladies that pull out all the stops!  I only have photos of my own to share (which I decorated with my mother-in-law), and I'll tell you that ours was far from the fanciest one there!

We did it in cream, silver and gold--very monochromatic but nice and sparkly.  I used my dishes, and basically just scoured my house for other accessories.  I have a small collection of mercury glass vessels and objects, hence the centerpiece.

My mother in law found these inexpensive silver doilies for on top of the plates--I like how they add a nice lacy touch, and don't scream "doily".

The starburst mirror lying flat on the table didn't start out white and pretty.  That's for another post--it is a good before and after :)

The best part about this large room is that when all the tables are decorated, they turn the fluorescent lights out and we eat by candlelight, along with some ambient light from large chandeliers hung from the ceiling for this event.  It is so pretty, and a great way to kick of the season.  Even though it was a lot of work, I enjoyed every minute....looking forward to next year!


Jenn said...

Such a gorgeous table! And, I love the starburst mirror in the center - it's so hard to "fill" tables that big and the mirror lends an awesome texture.

Michele @ Moonfield Lane said...

Hi Kristen. Just wanted to pop in and say thanks for adding me to your blogroll. Happy New Year :)

Anonymous said...

Your centerpiece is so unique; I love it! Where did you get the inspiration for it? I love the different wine glasses and the silver coloring. I think it is awesome that you had most of that stuff already in your house.

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