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Still Workin'

Since the baby's due date came and went and the little guy forgot to show up, I'm trying to find ways to keep my mind off of the fact that I'm still pregnant.  The nursery is almost complete, but there are a few finishing touches that I want to try to get done if at all possible.  I mentioned in this post that the nursery bedding was initially a disappointment because it was so blue, compared to the aqua/turquoise colors that I was going for.  In the end, everything is tying together beautifully, and I wanted to continue bringing together the two shades of blue I'm working with.

For drapes, I would have loved to go with full patterned panels, but I needed to keep this economical and use what I had on hand.  I've been hanging on to this aqua geometric for a long time, and I wanted to make it work in this room.

To stay on budget, I bought these inexpensive panels and took the tabs tops out because I plan on using ring clips to hang the side panels.

Since I had limited yardage of the fabric and wanted maximum impact, I decided to sew 12" strips down the outside edge of each panel.  There are 2 windows in the room, so there's nice opportunity for some "hits" of this fabric.

Here's some photos of the fabric after I attached it to the panel--very basic sewing skills folks--nothing but straight lines and uncomplicated patterns.  I added a grosgrain ribbon to trim out the inside edge and bring in the blue tones found in the bedding.

At the end of it all, to my delight, I had just the right amount of fabric to piece together this pillow cover--complete with some fun orange ball fringe--for the room.  I'll have photos of the completed space soon, and hopefully some even more exciting news to share.....:)

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Sarah said...

I love the blue and white fabric, how clever to make the curtains and pillow - I am completely useless with these things...;-)