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I've Got the Blues......Cobalt, Royal & Navy

I've had a pair of these chairs since we bought our house.  The seller had a bunch of old furniture for sale, and we were offered more than a few pieces for quite a steal.  

Naturally, I picked up these chairs (and a chest of drawers.....and night stand.....and other various and sundry items........) and had the best intentions of giving them "new life" for our space.  As I've come to find out though, nothing gets done quickly at my place, especially with the laundry list of projects we have with this house.  These chairs have been shuffled from room to room over the last couple of years with the hopes (and the budget) for re-covering them slipping to the bottom of my list.  You know what though?  They've really grown on me in their current state, and I'm starting to think that painting the wood frame might be all they need to bring them back to life.  The fabric is in great shape, and apparently, the color is right on trend.  Check out the cover of the September issue of Canadian House & Home magazine:

Here's a scan of the cover photo from the article that shows off the punchy blue details (love that garden stool!).  You can also tour this tiny, but beautifully designed condo here.

And another article from the same issue that features a graphic art piece in some rich and lovely shades of royal blue:

So I started digging through my pile of "someday I'll make pillows out of this" fabric, and came across this lovely ikat print that I picked up a while ago for $5 a yard:

I think if done right, shades of royal and navy can tie in beautifully with turquoise and chartreuse--both of which already exist in my living room:

Look how beautifully it plays with gold as well (Not my house. Wish this was my house--that chair is great, and I love the creepy portrait and general composition of the artwork):

Or in a more monochromatic setting:

And finally, check out the gutsy use of this rich shade in a kitchen setting.  Certainly a commitment, but I think it is well executed and almost has a classic appeal in this setting:
So what's the consensus?  Will the existing fabric on those chairs work, or do they still need an overhaul?  If the pros at Canadian House & Home magazine say that this color is coming back to life, maybe I can work with it!


Holly Gruszka said...

I love it. I was hoping you were going to say you were going to keep them like that for a while. I think they would work really well in your home. With the right pillow or even a throw over the side these would be great. I say keep them blue :)

Anonymous said...

I think you'll have a hard time painting the wood on the chair without getting it on the fabric.
Nice post on "the blues."

Seema Persaud said...

Loving these blue looks! Have you seen the tour of the condo on our September cover? You can watch it here:

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