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Being from the great white north--Saskatchewan, Canada to be exact--I pride myself in being tough when it comes to colder weather.  Not that its too different from here in Minnesota, but my mom did text me some photos of their beautiful, peaceful and completely snow covered neighbourhood last night.  Made me a little homesick!  Maybe the snow is coming our way or maybe not quite yet, but it is time to start getting the house  ready for colder weather.

Sadly for me, that means closing up our pretty little sunroom, which we "facelifted" this summer.  Its not quite done (a bit of painting left to do here and there), but we did manage to get some days and evenings of enjoyment out of it this season.  I'll be sad say goodbye to my sunny little coffee spot!

Here's a peek at what we started with.  Mint green walls, a dirty carpeted floor, and little reason to spend any time out there:

When it came to a redo, I wanted to do a nice job, but not spend a ton of money.  My original intent was to have horizontal white painted paneling for a cottage look, but when I came across these wood-look panels at Lowes (for only $12 a sheet, nonetheless), I reconsidered--here they are leaning against the wall and ready to go.

The color is sort of a pink/gray/beige, but the look is like a whitewashed driftwood, which I am in love with right now.  These panels are nothing special--the walls in our grandparent's basements are lined with them--but it was the color that caught my eye, and I new that hanging them horizontally would update them and give me the look I was after.

Here's a look at the room after we took out all of the carpet and hung the panels:

And here's where I painted the floors not once, but twice.  Typical move by me, to be unsatisfied with my first paint choice.  You'll see in this photo how green and nauseating the first color looked (in the center), next to the much more desired gray/brown tone (on the edges).  The guy at Sherwin Williams worked magic to "correct" my partly used gallon so I wouldn't have to pay for a whole new batch.  The color that I ended up with is close to SW Amazing Gray.

Here is where the room is at today.  I love how it feels in there now--so serene and calm. I only have a few accents here and there, but my plan is to keep it neutral, anchored with some black and white and splashes of fresh green.

The lamp was a quick little project that I posted about here.  I love how it works within the room!

I've gone back and forth about hanging something above the sofa.  I think what I'd like is to have a sculptural piece that doesn't detract from the "driftwood" walls.  For now though, I'm kind of liking it blank.

So in the next couple of weeks, I'll likely be packing up the pillows and accents, covering the furniture, and saying goodbye to this room until springtime.  Its been lovely having it this season, and hopefully by next summer, I'll have all of the finishing touches complete!


McKae @ Kaes Corner Design said...

It's gorgeous! I love the panels you found, such a good idea! And your lamp is awesome!

Unknown said...

I love that room!! SO pretty! It is sad that you have to close it up for the summer. You should think about putting in some sort of fireplace so you can maybe use it occasionally!

Stephanie said...

Wow, what a transformation. You are right, the room just feels calm and serene. Love it!

Holly Gruszka said...

A sunroom is high on my wishlist for our next home. It seems like such a perfect spot to relax, enjoy coffee or a cocktail, and just enjoy life. Which it sounds like you enjoyed very much this past summer. You've done a great job with this without it being too overdone. I like the neutral look that you have going in here - it's very peaceful.

Sarah said...

It looks great, I love that paneling, kind of an updated version of the old '70's style and quite chic! I also LOVE your new blog transformation, always fun to get a new look! ;-)) Stay warm - my Dad finally got his power back on Sat in NJ, but many of my friends are suffering in my home state -