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Happy Halloween!

In the past, I haven't had too much to contribute in terms of enthusiasm for the Halloween "season".  I love fall though, and get so inspired by all of the wonderfully changing colors, crisp air, and the harvest season of thanksgiving.  Because we've enjoyed a longer autumn this year, I've been more motivated than usual to put out a few decorations, and spread a little Halloween cheer.

Our church puts on a huge event called Pumpkin Patch every year, and my husband and I enjoy volunteering there by doing carnival games, face painting, cookie decorating, and seeing thousands (yes, kids come to the event by the thousands!) of adorable little ones in their costumes.  Because of this though, we miss handing out candy to the neigborhood kids and enjoying being part of the festivities on our street.  I don't want to be "that neighbor" who skips out on everything, but since we kind of are, I put together these little treat sacks to make sure everyone knows we haven't forgotten them!

These felt bags were a cute $0.50 find at Target--here they're part of the table centerpiece

Brownies with dark chocolate drizzle and candy corn-colored sprinkles.  I'd be lying if I said I didn't do some "sampling" along the way!

 Like these kids won't have enough sweets to munch on, the brownies (and more candy--I had to make sure to fill the treat sacks!) will add to the sugar-high.  Pretty cute though, and I hope it helps score some points with the neighbors! 

Have a great weekend, and enjoy the festivities!

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