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Its Christmas in Canada!

Happy Thanksgiving to my American friends and neighbors!  To celebrate this upcoming weekend, I'll be joyfully traveling back to my Canadian homeland to be with family.  Its not Thanksgiving there (us Canucks celebrate that holiday in early October), but just happens to be my mom's birthday, so why not make a mini-trip out of this long weekend?  The nice thing about going home in late November is that Christmas decor is already in full swing--with Canadian Thanksgiving out of the way, we have extra time to obsess over getting everything "just perfect" for all the glory that December brings!  I already know that it is going to be freezing cold this weekend, so I thought I'd kick off the decorating season by posting some Christmas-inspired, frosty-toned pics.........bundle up!

I love anything high-contrast, and this setting is no exception.  Everything is as crisp as a winter's day......

This flocked little tree reminds me of the real ones we see driving through the Canadian prairies after a heavy snowfall.  I also love the random birch logs standing behind--I'm seeing these everywhere this season, and can't wait to get my hands on a few for my own outdoor decorating.

Doesn't this modern take on Christmas decor just make you shiver?  In a good way of course!  The combination of turquoise and sapphire blue adds another icy element to this scene, and for added sparkle, there's even a disco ball hanging from the ceiling!  The roaring fire is a wonderful juxtaposition to this room's cool vibe.

I fell in love with this wintery living room scene when Canadian House & Home magazine featured it a couple of years ago.  I even spent almost two hours with IKEA customer service trying to get my hands on one of those discontinued shelving units before they were gone forever.  Alas, it was not meant to be, but this is still one of my favorite "icy but cozy" Christmas looks.

This bedroom's cool palette makes me want to curl up under all of those quilted linens!  And what a great place to hang stockings.  This deliberate color scheme is beautifully pale, but has enough texture to keep it interesting and inviting.

Lastly, this living room is a beautiful blend of white and soft grays--perfect if you ask me, and I love the wooden sock forms for stockings--how unique!  To see more of this serene home and meet its creative owners, click here.

And with that, off I go to adventure in the frosty white north.  I've packed my mittens and toques (that's Canadian for "stocking cap"), and am looking forward to spending the weekend with family.  Hope these images have you dreaming of a white Christmas......

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Maria Killam said...

Have a wonderful time, it is like a winter wonderland here at this moment!