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No Dreaming Necessary......We'll have our "White" Christmas

What a day this Saturday has been.  The city woke up to blizzard-like conditions, and the white stuff hasn't let up even one tiny bit.  At first, I was disappointed--I had a Christmas gala and Stella & Dot jewelry launch party planned for weeks that had to be canceled--I was so looking forward to it!  However, being cooped up for the day turned out to be a blessing in disguise.  I managed to get a ton of stuff done, and put some of the finishing touches on my Christmas decor.  This year, I went with an unconventional color scheme using turquoise, shades of chartreuse green, and silver.  It looks pretty with all of my regular decor, so I like it.  I'm kind of a traditionalist at heart though, and had to use a great deal of restraint to keep from allowing all of my beautiful red and white pieces to creep in.  I managed to keep those colors out of the spotlight, but was delighted to stumble across these photos from one of our previous Christmases in our former home.  No shortage of traditional color here, and I love it.

Love these colored foil initials from Restoration Hardware.  I've used them in other projects throughout my home.

Other favorites that play on traditional Christmas themes......

I love that shot of the tall vase with the glass balls in it--as you can see, we were without base moulding that Christmas :)  A designer's work in her own home is never done......shorty after though, we installed glorious 7" high white trim--it was worth waiting for.

I think that candy dish had way more M & M's before started the photo shoot.....hmmmmm.....:)

This little guy is as old as me.  As far back as I can remember, its been on my parent's tree, and I managed to snag it for my own when I moved out.  I love the vintage ribbon candy look--does anyone know where I could get my hands on some of the real stuff?  Its so pretty to look at, and eat!

I made this wreath by spraying one of those brown willow-like wreaths in crisp white.  Then I added some red, silver and clear glass balls, and ended up with a simple but striking adornment for my black front door.  I still love the look of this, and it just may have creeped in to my turquoise-themed decor this year.  Wait and see....!

These primitive little nativity pieces were made by a dear friend, and given to me as a gift.  I love the simplicity and rusticity of this set up, and how it is a clear and simple reminder of the true reason we celebrate this season.  When all the glitz and glam and red and green are put away, and thoughts of Christmas are packed up in boxes for next year, the message of this nativity remains....a tiny baby, born to save the world.

Hope you're Christmas season is turning out to be merry & bright....happy decorating!

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Andrea said...

This post made me tear up. You are so right about the Christmas meaning! Stumbled across your blog as I'm desperately searching the web for kitchen paint schemes. Painters coming in the morning. Big smile.