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Chasing Waterfalls

Remember that classic hit song by TLC called "Waterfalls"?  Takes me back to high it!  It really has nothing to do with this post, but click here for a quick bit of nostalgia :)

Speaking of waterfalls though, just wanted to throw out a few photos of one of my favorite kitchen and bath design trends, that doesn't seem to be going away anytime soon.  I love a "waterfall" edge that wraps the end of a countertop or island, and think that there are so many striking applications of this detail.

I don't see this application as often in bathrooms, but why not?  Love this pure white solid surface with an extra-thick edge.

As if this bold orange isn't cool enough, aren't those island chairs ever innovative?  What a great way to create "designed" seating!

This wood treatment really warms up the space.  Plus, the visual texture of the grain breaks up the wide expanse of island.  What great counter space!

Trends Ideas

House Beautiful 2010 Kitchen of the Year

Can't seem to go wrong with a crisp white.  I'm not sure what the above surfaces are, but Cambria recently released a new collection of quartz surfacing that includes the most outstanding white I've seen in solid surface.  If you're looking for crisp, clean and beautifully uniform, check out this collection.

Look closely--the waterfall edge in this stunning kitchen is a little more subtle.  I love how they've wrapped the back of the tall island piece to be a backsplash behind the second sink.  To see more outstanding projects from this talented Canadian design firm, click here.

And speaking of Canadian design talent, does Candice Olson ever go wrong?  I haven't seen a design of hers that I don't love, and she continues to wow HGTV fans with spectacular transformed spaces.  This kitchen is no exception.  

This is a concept drawing I did a few years back of a modern kitchen design I was proposing to my clients.  The "waterfall" edge I had in mind on the island was white Carrara marble, and the proposed cabinetry was espresso-stained rift cut oak with aluminum-framed frosted glass doors on some of the uppers.  This was a great project, and I did get paid for all of my design work, but sadly the clients decided to sell the condo before renovating it.  So I never did get to see this design come to fruition!  It is saved for future reference though.....:) 


Kathysue said...

When I read waterfall I immediately thought of Candace Olson, she does that in her designs quite often and they are always stunning, Great examples in this post, Happy Monday,Kathysue

Sarah said...

It is a beautiful and sleek look - quite modern but I do LOVE Candice Olson - her designs are sometimes spectacular! love that kitchen and your drawing is nothing short of spectacular also! that is hard to do - at least for me...drawing doesn't come naturally, I had to really work on it in design school! :))

Rashon Carraway said...

Yes. Candice is one great lady. I mean I would have her design a box for me. lol

Mr. Goodwill Hunting

The Starr Family said...

You always pick the most stellar photos... sharp, clean, and timeless. Love them all.