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Grasscloth Love

Here is the wallpaper I've been living with in my entryway for over a year.  Please don't judge me:

It was underneath another layer of wallpaper, which we managed to peel off, but this stuff is not budging.  We even had two professionals come in and advise us on this, and the general consensus is that as long as the walls themselves are staying, this wallpaper is staying.  Ugh.  In case you need further description, its brown with over-scaled pale green tropical foliage all over.  Maybe in a past life, this was hip, but not today.  And "tropical" in Minnesota is certainly not an appropriate theme.  Not with these frigid temperatures.

Needless to say, I've been looking at these unwelcoming walls for long enough (this stuff covers all of the walls in my entryway and front hall), and I'm excited about recently ordering some beautiful gray-toned grasscloth to cover up the nastiness.  I expected to get it this week, but found out yesterday that its back ordered until mid-April!  I'm so disappointed, but I will wait (I've waited this long, right?).  In the meantime, I've put together a collection of images that inspire me to be patient for what's to there anything more beautiful than this natural texture on a wall?  I love it!

Frank Roop uses this texture beautifully in many of his interiors.  In fact, pretty much everything he touches looks stunning.  Check out his entire portfolio here.

I love how this golden grasscloth shimmers and reflects light.  It is beautifully offset by the white cabinetry and wood tones in this space.  I would love to get work done in this office!

 Go big or go home, right? There's texture everywhere in this space, which helps to cozy up the cool palette.  I love how the grasscloth wraps the ceiling and is accentuated by the white trim.  Gorgeous.

Remember this space?  It was designed by Lonni, a contestant on HGTV's Design Star.  I couldn't get enough of that printed grasscloth wall treatment she used, and thought that this entire room was a success.

This chocolate color adds such a richness to the room.  I want everything in here, including that glorious lacquered sideboard!

This trellis pattern is actually printed on grasscloth......and turquoise grasscloth nonetheless!  Although the material I went with is a lot less expensive than some of these beauties, I'm inspired by the textural spaces, and can't wait to have one of my own.  I'll post pictures when it (finally!) gets done!  


Sarah said...

Hi Kristen: I too LOVE grasscloth and am a big fan of Frank Roop! In a previous home in my dining room, one wall was paneled - you know, the 70's style paneling...I painted the room a peachy color with blue and white accessories and curtains...but couldn't figure out what to do with the wall. So, I bought grasscloth paper and my husband put it up for me. It looked great and was a nice complement for the peach. I love the idea of gray though and love that chocolate with the yellow curtains - gorgeous! Looking forward to seeing your new hallway!

Kim@Chattafabulous said...

Yes, grasscloth is lovely! I especially love it in the rich green in the Frank Roop room!