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Where I've Been.....

I'm back to the grind after a wonderful week away in Canada, visiting my dear family.  I'll take any excuse to visit my precious little niece, and since it happened to be her first birthday this past week, I couldn't possibly stay away!  My sister-in-law, designer and owner of Sugar! Wedding Cakes didn't disappoint, and the party she put together was full of personal touches that honored her darling daughter.

The color inspiration for the event came from this little dress....isn't that handmade flower hair clip the cutest! (And doesn't the girl wearing it make your heart melt?)

This is fabulous!  Maybe it would have been over the top for other first birthdays, but a cake designer has a standard to live up to.  I can also say that this cake tasted as good as it looked......banana layer cake with cream cheese frosting--my favorite!

Even the sprinkles on this cupcake topper were hand-rolled!

Vanilla cupcakes with matching frilly cupcake holders.....delicious as well.  I definitely indulged at this party!

The finishing touch was a yummy candy bar full of sugary treats that matched the birthday decor.  I was so honored to able to be a part of this great family event.  Although I had the privilege of helping my sister put it all together, the vision for the elements that went into it was all her.  Maybe she'll have to branch out and add "party planning" to her list of services :)  To see more of her stunning work with cakes, click here.

One more of the cute little family.....can't wait to see them all again :)


Sarah said...

Looks like a great time Kristen! I LOVE all the decorations, the cake is spectacular and your niece is ADORABLE!! A little Pisces?

Sarah said...

Me too! my bday was yesterday!

Mr. Goodwill Hunting said...

What an AMAZING job she did on this cake. It is so great looking. Did you eat it? I dont think I would have the courage.

Mr. Goodwill Hunting