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Art in the Kitchen

I've been staring at a blank wall in my kitchen for over two years now, tossing around several ideas of what to do with it.  In one of my concept layouts I had cabinetry along that wall, but in the end the design took a different direction and the wall remained as it was.  I know I need to do something there (see photo below--the wall in question is to the left of the fridge), and I think a great piece of art, or arrangement of pieces would look great, but that's where I haven't taken enough time to find the perfect solution.

I think that wall art adds an element of the unexpected in kitchens.  Often in kitchen design, walls are consumed by cabinetry, windows, open shelving, tile, etc., and there is little space left for anything else.  Either that, or kitschy (sometimes cheesy) art prints of food, fruit or wine end up being hung on blank walls to occupy the void.  So is there a happy medium--a place for great artwork in the kitchen that doesn't come across as too literal?  I hope so, because that's what I'm looking for.  Here are some great "art in kitchens" images I found as I started the search:

I absolutely love these prints, and even though they are very literal, their style makes them unique and very appropriate.  I like how they add a modern pop of color to a more traditional setting.

Canadian House & Home

This large floral painting by Bobbie Burgers looks like it was not only planned into the space, but gave inspiration for the design direction as well.  I love how it connects the outdoors, the yellow range, and the rusticity of the island table and makes everything look so cohesive.


Again, this is a literal take on something found in the kitchen, but the application makes it unique.  Its size and scale is unexpected in this tiny kitchen, and the high contrast is perfect with the existing color scheme.

Canadian House & Home

Keeping with the black and white theme, this framed chalkboard looks classy and compliments the kitchen's scheme.  Additionally, it becomes a forever-changing piece of art.  Great idea.

I've tossed around doing a collection of family photos on my blank wall, but thought that there wasn't enough context for it in the space.  However, this dining corner is perfect for the gallery of photos, and I love how the frames are eclectic and carried up over the window.

I've posted this kitchen before--its always been a favorite of mine.  Designed (and lived in) by Canadian designer Lynda Reeves, I like how she's added framed abstract art right next to the range hood, and then repeated it again over a desk in the corner.  The artwork brings a sense of sophistication to the space.


This vintage sign is also a clever idea, and is non-traditional and unexpected in a kitchen space.

There are a ton of ideas out there, and I also did a short search to see what other "unconventional" pieces might be interesting:

Vintage botanical prints

Not-so-vintage (but very affordable) framed botanicals from West Elm

Affordable framed abstracts from West Elm

Original art hardware drawings from Restoration Hardware (there are over 1000 to choose from!)

I also love this vintage eye chart--it would add a nice graphic punch to any wall.

Well, those are my thoughts for now.....I'm not sure I've figured out the perfect solution, but at least I've started thinking about it.  I'm tired of staring at that blank wall!


Erin @ The Impatient Gardener said...

I could have written a post very similar to this, as I too have been living with a giant blank wall in my kitchen for more than two years. It's funny because it's such an important wall that I don't want to hang the wrong thing, so I've just left it blank. You've shown a lot of great options but I'm especially loving the oversized floral.

Designing Domesticity said...

I've got a blank wall in my kitchen as well and have been trying to figure out the perfect solution. I'm trying a couple things out this wee and hope to come to a decision by next week. fingers crossed! liz

Holly Gruszka said...

We've got lots of blank walls. I often get discouraged about them but I know that patience will pay off at some point. I always want to love what is on our walls and not just settle, so it seems like you're the same way. You are very thoughtful in your selection and whatever you end up doing will look great. We have a love for coffee in our house so I've always thought about doing something revolved around coffee or even framing some of our favorite menus.

Anonymous said...

I've been looking for the perfect art for the kitchen! It's not easy, but I love your inspiration pics. I'm your newest follower!
Jean @ Flower Hill

Cre8ive Motives said...

I know how you feel! I always find
that finding wall art is the most
trouble for me when decorating my home. Idk why!

Anyways all the options you posted are perfect.