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Try it Before You Buy It: Chalkboard Wall

Chalkboard paint is widely used right now on anything from accent walls to entire rooms to furniture pieces.     Although, I think that this is a passing trend, and that perhaps we'll look back on it someday and wonder what we were thinking, I have yet to come across a home interior with a chalkboard wall or two that I didn't love. In practicality, I'm bothered by chalk dust, and even more bothered by the sound of nails on a chalkboard.....I have shivers right now just thinking about it, but I'm willing to overlook those two major factors because I want some chalkboard action in my own home.

This rustic-modern interior is beautiful, and the injection of a mass of black really sets off the white fixtures and furnishings in the room.  How much cooler that the chalkboard itself is actually a huge sliding door?  Smart, smart, smart.

The stark stainless and white tones of this kitchen are offset beautifully by the contrasting black wall.  Plus, it adds an element of whimsy to this modern, clean lined European kitchen in that the art has an organic and ever-changing element to it.

I love how blogger Carmel of Our Fifth House blog addressed this small section of wall--so creative!  And she went the extra mile by using magnetic primer under the chalkboard paint so that the wall could serve in that way as well.  I'm considering that as an option myself, since I have a stainless steel fridge that magnets don't stick to.  Then I remember that I LOVE the fact that magnets don't stick to and clutter up my fridge, so maybe the magnetic option for this wall isn't for me.  We'll see.

A simple and effective way to add interest to a small space.  

So with all of these great inspirations and examples, I'm now itching try this in my own space.  However, I have a track record of painting every room twice because I'm seldom satisfied with my first choice, so I decided that instead of going to the trouble of painting the wall and not liking it, I'd do a little (ghetto) mock up before I commit to the time and effort.  Here's the wall in my back entry I'm wanting to paint:

And here's my lame (aka $3 pack of construction paper) attempt at "visualizing" what the black chalk paint would look like:

At first, it was overwhelming to me, but its been up for a few days now, and I'm liking how it kind of brings that wall forward and into the room.  Its a large and bossy expanse of black, but I think I need a place that allows me to write messages and reminders in a big and bossy way.  The baby takes up most of my brain space these days, so having constant visual reminders of what needs to be done, purchased, dealt with, etc. is key.  A trip to the paint store might be in my near future.  We'll see........:)


Unknown said...

Great idea to try it first. I think it will look great!

Anonymous said...

I think it looks good, but I agree that it may be a passing trend. But on that note, it's only paint!

Andrea said...

Years ago, I painted a small 3 foot wall in my kitchen with the magnetic first, chalkboard over paint. Last year, we totally remodeled our kitchen and the wall is now gone. My whole family still talks about how much they miss that wall. Do it!!

Holly Gruszka said...

I also love the idea of chalkboard paint and you've used some great examples here of how it can be done in a tasteful way. I think your mock-up is brilliant! What better way than to throw some black construction paper up there - cheap and inexpensive to get a preview of what your wall will look like. I really like what it does for that area as well. I'm with you - the bigger the reminders are the better. I make lists but then the lists are all over the place, in this bag, that bag, etc etc. I can't wait to see what you decide.

Cailan said...

Such a great idea to help you visualize with the paper - I have a terrible track record with trying out paint too! But I agree, I think that wall of black will be striking-fun. : )

casacaudill said...

I recently saw a couple of blog posts about a new contact paper that is made with chalkboard paint. That could be an easy way to try it to see if you actually use it for its intended purpose before putting brush to wall.

Rachelle Undershute said...

I've seen a few entries on Pinterest of how you can make chalkboard paint out of other colours, not just the black. Here's one of them:

Loretta Fontaine (EcoHappy Blog) said...

Kristen- I love this look, but you are the first person I've seen who actually brings up the... dust. I don't mind cleaning chalk dust, I want clean air in my house for my kids to breath.

An option might be to wipe down the walls with a wet cloth and not use the standard eraser.

Or how much dust do people make when they draw? is there something you can use other than chalk??

LOVE the clever mock-up!