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Help Needed! Which One Should I Choose?

Since we're well into "the feeding stage", I'm learning all about how to contain, entertain and nourish my nine-month old.  He is LOVING solid foods, and getting yummy and nutritious things into his tummy hasn't been a problem.  At first, I was resistant to getting a high chair--we don't have a lot of extra space in our dining room, and I didn't want to clutter it up with a giant piece of baby furniture.  I have enough clutter as it is--no need to make matters worse.  As we've progressed though, its become clear that Tate really does need a space of his own, and the "strap-on-the-dining-chair" type seat wasn't working for us anymore.  So I did some searching, and came across this sleek, low-profile little beauty from Baby Bjorn:

What attracted me to it was its simple, unfussy design--so easy to keep clean and no cracks or crevices for food to get trapped, etc.  It is ridiculously expensive (in my opinion), so I kind of decided against it, until my husband surprised me one night by ordering for us.  When it arrived last week, the box was very tiny, but I kept an open mind because I knew I liked the design so much.  We set it up, and it was confirmed.  This thing is TINY.  Still, I kept an open mind because certainly the designers who came up with this have done the research and have designed it to accommodate a 30 pound 3-year old, like they say it does.  We tried Tate in it, and it really is a slick little high chair.  Comfy with all of the rounded edges, and really easy to set up and use.  Plus, it isn't visually offensive in the slightest, and kind of blends in with my dining chairs, which are these in white:

All that said, after staring at the Bjorn high chair for three days, and trying to imagine that it would be even the slightest bit comfortable for anyone past one year of age, I can't keep it.  Tate isn't a huge baby--19 lbs at 9 months, but he almost completely fills out the chair.  His feet almost touch the foot rest, and the fact that the back rest is so low already I can't imagine it working well with a taller, larger child.  Plus, the seat depth is SO shallow, that I'm already wondering if its comfortable for my little guy.  He never really complains though.....bless his dear little heart :)

So wanting the best for my pride and joy :), I was off searching some baby stores this morning for some other options that would do a better job of growing and transitioning with my boy.  In my opinion, if we're going to be investing some serious dollars in one of these, it better be hardworking and have some longevity. After trying Tate out in a few different ones, I'm probably going to go with this one--the OXO Tot high chair.  It has a smaller profile than some, but not teensy like the Bjorn, and the depth and height look much more comfortable.  Plus, the foot rest is adjustable, and the chair transitions into one that can be pulled right up to a dining table for older children.  I'm happy with this direction, and my only dilemma is which color combination to go with.  Opinions wanted!  

This is the one I immediately gravitate towards because it blends with some of the other dark brown finishes in my house.  I'd love it if the whole thing were white (of course), but I realize that it is going to look like a baby item no matter what, so I need to be willing to embrace some bright color and let it be what it is.  My issue is that the "espresso brown" trend is kind of going away now, and I want something that I can sell in a few years when our babies are done with high chairs......hopefully there will be more babies!  So I could go with this one:

But it doesn't really have the "pop" that the other one has.  My other option would be to go with a custom combination.  There's a boutique baby store down the street from where I live that will interchange the colored chair pads with the wood frames at no extra charge.  So I could do the dark brown frame with the taupe chair pad if I want a more sophisto-baby look.  Any thoughts would be so appreciated, and any feedback, either positive or negative on the OXO Tot is welcome as well.  Or maybe you've had a positive experience with the Baby Bjorn high chair, and it has transitioned well with your child......all thoughts and opinions are welcome!  Just trying to make the right decision because its all about this guy:


Holly Gruszka said...

I like the brown/green OXO chair. And unfortunately I don't much if anything about either of these. We borrowed a high chair from our friends down the street (it was big and ugly so glad to give it back when they had their second) but Sheila started enjoying the booster seat - and now just shy of 2 she likes sitting on the Windsor bench with us. The other place I might suggest looking for reviews/feedback would be Babble and The Bump conversation boards. If I think of anyone that has either of these I will let you know. We do have the Baby Bjorn potty (not like you're at that step yet) and I like it so far - even though we're not actively using it. Have a great weekend Kristen!

Jessica said...

We have the stokke Tripp trapp and love it. Not sure that's helpful but I don't know anything about the others! Good luck!