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Bananastrudel & My Bathroom

I came across the Etsy shop Bananastrudel when I was working on Tate's Nursery.  It is filled with vintage maps, prints, lithographs--you name it.  There is a ton of subject matter to choose from, and the shop owners have done a wonderful job curating many beautiful frameable items.  I like to visit often because there are always new things popping up.  A while back, I found two beautiful botanicals and purchased them right away, knowing I had the perfect spot for them:

They arrived in the mail beautifully and carefully packaged--it was such a treat to open and find goodies and even a handwritten thank you note inside.  These guys know customer service!

I've had these framed prints for years and years.  I worked in a custom framing shop during college (LOVED that job), and ended up with some nice artwork after my time working there.  As for these prints, I liked them at the time because they are sort of architectural, but now I think its kind of dorky that I chose them.  I believe that art should be personal and reflect something about us, and I've never been to France or England, so why do I have these hanging on my wall.  Good question.

I love the frames with their subtle gold detailing, and although they were custom, they were the exact right size for my Bananastrudel botanicals.

The mats wouldn't work, but I wanted to do something different anyways, so I just mounted the prints on off-white foamcore using some 1/8" thick adhesive foam strips to "lift" them off of the foamcore a bit.  Here they are, nicely filling some blank wall space in my newly renovated bathroom (photos of that coming.....hopefully soon):

The prints themselves are of wild buckwheat and wild oats.  They remind me of home--Saskatchewan, Canada, where grain farming is abundant.

A tiny sneak peek of part of the bathroom.  The ledge is Cararra marble, and is wonderful as extra "counter space".  The toilet is an Aquia Dual Flush by Toto.  Best looking, functioning, and easiest to clean toilet ever, and I recommend it all time.  Check out some before shots of this bathroom here, and as I said, a complete reveal is coming soon.

Accessorizing in the bathroom is fun, but things get covered in that dust/towel lint so quickly!  This is our primary bathroom right now, and its hard to keep all of the hard surfaces and collectibles dust-free.  Especially if you're me, and you haven't figured out why your house seems so dirty all the time and everyone else's seems so clean.  Something I wonder about all the time :)

The blue bottles are antique apothecaries that my parents-in-law dug up in a friend's backyard years ago.  Quite the find, and I love how they look displayed in a collection.  The brown bottles are part of a much larger collection that I amassed while working for many years with my pharmacist dad in his dispensary.  I like the history that these things suggest--medicine typically doesn't come in glass bottles anymore.

And for a modern touch, this little clock from West Elm is the perfect size and shape.  Took me a while to find something that would work here, and for $12, I'm more than excited about this one!

Have a great weekend!


My House, My Garden said...

I will check out this etsy shop. Thank you for sharing! Excited to see your bath remodel. Working on one myself and there are just too many options out there for me.

Holly Gruszka said...

Your new prints look great in the bathroom - I just did something similar with a print and a frame. We have a great family owned framing shop up the street from us, so they're my go-to now if I want something nice framed. Also looking forward to seeing your bathroom renovation. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Darryl Iorio said...

I love the Zen feel of your bathroom. Those framed photos make a nice accessory to your loo. And the bottles on the marble ledge add to that calm, soothing aura of the area. :)

-Darryl Iorio