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In My Sister's Kitchen

My sister (in-law) works harder than anyone I know at what she does.  In the three or so short years that she started her wedding cake design business Sugar! Wedding Cakes, she has grown to be one of the most in-demand cake designers in her city, and is now gaining national recognition for what she does.  This past month, she received the honor of being recognized in the Canadian magazine Weddingbells in a feature called "Canada's Prettiest Cakes".  I'm overdue to take this opportunity to give her a shout out and honor her success as an outstanding designer and business owner.  Here's the cake that was die for:

All of the decorations you see are handmade and completely edible.  She has developed such a signature style, and I love the ruffly, floppy-yet-perfect flowers that adorn this cake.  They remind me of peonies-- my favorite flower.  The colors she's incorporated are subtle blush tones, and the way this monochromatic scheme plays off of itself gives it a sophistication that would blend with many wedding colors/designs.  If you look close, you can also see edible vintage buttons placed strategically throughout the flowers.  Yes, she makes those as well--here's a close up:

Her work is truly outstanding, and its no surprise that she's commanding national attention.  The hours she puts in are long, and most weekends throughout the year are booked solid with at least two to three cake orders.  Here are a few more of my recent favorites, which I should add taste just as good as they look:

Yep.  She made these flowers too.....and you can eat them!  For a sugar-lover like me, it would be my dream job to work with icing sugar and cake batter all day, but I'll leave that to the pro--my sis, because she's clearly doing an outstanding job.  This weekend is a rare treat with no weddings or cake orders booked.  To celebrate, my brother is taking his girls (my sis and adorable niece) on a fun road-trip through Western Canada.  Well deserved, I say.

Be inspired by more creative and beautiful cakes here, and have a great weekend!

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Holly Gruszka said...

Wow! They are beautiful and really make me want a piece of cake too. Thanks so much for sharing - your SIL is very talented. They are very unique too which is so nice to see.