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Mr. Owl

Its been ages since I've posted anything to do with our little modern cottage. Not that there's been a lack of activity, that's for sure. Over the past few months (with the exception of July when my husband decided that it was his "month off" from any sort of renovation work ;), we've been busy painting walls and trim, tackling wallpaper removal and skim coating (an unfortunate pursuit that will be the subject of a later post). Then there's the kitchen/dining area, which is almost completely complete, but of course in the eyes of a designer, nothing is ever quite "finished". I did a little photo shoot this past weekend of the finished project, which showcases our labor of love, and makes for a great before and after (more photos to come). Here's a little sneak peak of my recent spray painting project--our new kitchen mascot!

This little guy was a ceramics project that my mom did in the 1970's--glossy brown with speckles--not exactly cookie-jar-chic. I think the results are fabulous!

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