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Before and After Bathroom: From the newlywed nest

After my husband and I got married, we lived in the house that he'd purchased during his bachelor years.  It was a charming little Cape Cod with many adorable little features--he did very well on his first home purchase.  Of course the moment I moved in, my nesting instincts took over, and  it was time to re-vamp, re-decorate, and re-design!  This bathroom project is one that I'm kind of proud of, and it actually managed to win a first place design award in a state-wide competition.

This bathroom contained a mix of cobbled together elements--peeling mirrored wallpaper, linoleum flooring, plastic wall tile, and a child-size vanity.  Not the cool, relaxing oasis we were going for.

Say ahhhhhh.........The makeover brought such a classic cool to the room.  I love Cararra marble (can you tell?), and in this case, you can't have too much of a good thing!


These photos bring back fond memories for me of my first home as a newlywed, and that bathroom was a wonderful spa/oasis that it was hard to say goodbye to.  But we parted ways when we sold that first little house over a year ago to move into another wonderful house that is full of projects.  Hopefully, this new "nest" will lead to many great makeovers--we'll just have to wait and see!

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travelkate said...

I LOVE this bathroom makeover! I too, cannot get enough of carrara marble. The hexagon backsplash mixed with the countertop really makes it--what a difference!