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The Newlywed nest: Part Two

After posting photos of my (former) luxurious bathroom, I got all nostalgic thinking about that first house as a married girl.  I realized I had these shots of our pretty living room.......I loved how this small, but light-filled and comfortable space was starting to look.  Thankfully, we did get to enjoy it for a little while before we moved.  Our new place has a larger living room, and many of the furnishings made the move with us, but I haven't quite gotten everything "just so".  When I finally do, I'll be sure to post pictures.

This was definitely a cool-toned space, but there was a quiet warmth to it.  I used Restoration Hardware's Light Silver Sage on the walls, and was delighted to find a beautiful rug at HomeGoods that was in the same color tones--very restful.

A great reading chair by the window.  The framed "V" hanging on the wall was a gold-leafed Christmas ornament I found on clearance after the season was over.  I love letters and typography, so I gave it a prominent place by the front door as a monogram tribute to my new last name.

There you have it......a little look into my former love-nest.  Of course we love our new "work in progress house", and hope to give it that wonderful feeling of home in the years to come.

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maria said...

Love your home and decorating style! Where did you get your coffee table?