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How to Survive a Blizzard in the Midwest

Happy New Year's Eve!  I'm writing from our hotel in Fargo, North Dakota, happy to be standing on solid ground after one of the most harrowing driving experiences of my life.  My husband and I left Minneapolis yesterday afternoon, only to drive straight into the eye of an amazing winter storm.  We drove for 3 hours in near zero visibility, passed cars, trucks and trailers in snow-filled ditches, and at one of the worst points, watched the car in front of us (who's tail lights we were using to guide us) slip straight into the ditch without any warning.  It was truly God's gracious hand that brought us into Fargo last night, and although we are severely disappointed that we won't be making it on to our final destination (my hometown in Regina, Canada) today, I am grateful for the provisions of a warm hotel room, a husband who is a pro at keeping a clear head in tough situations, and most of all, our safety.  So here we are, stranded between interstate highways that remain closed, looking for ways to make the most of this New Year's, although I'm sure it will be memorable all on its own.

I mentioned here that Mr. CottageModern and I have a tradition of collecting a new penguin each year as a cute little gesture to our marriage because penguins "mate for life".  Since I can't think of a better person to be stranded with in a winter snowstorm, I thought I'd pay tribute to this small collection, who just happen to be all dressed up in their little "tuxedos", ready to ring in the new year!

This one's my favorite--its actually a little snow-globe :)

Here's to a safe and happy New Year's!  Whether you're getting all dressed up and ready to celebrate, or just spending a quiet night at home with family and friends, I hope this is a time to look back and be thankful for the blessings of this past year, and also look forward to all the excitement and adventure that 2011 will bring. 

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Andrea said...

What a memorable New's Year's eve it will be. Love the penguin tradition. Truly God's hand that kept you on that road. Recently found your blog and I love it.