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Marble, Marble, On the Wall

White marble with grey veining, in all of its many varieties, is everywhere.  This is an overwhelming trend that isn't going anywhere, and despite constantly seeing surfaces covered in it, I still can't get enough of the stuff!  There's something about marble's ability to sit proudly within modern and traditional interiors, as well as the rich visual texture contained in its veining.  There's a purity to the stone itself, and paired with the fact that no two slabs are exactly alike, choosing this surface is a no-brainer for many applications.  Currently, I'm kind of obsessed with the ways I've seen marble applied to surfaces other than countertops......this stone is so beautifully versatile.

That is a delicious looking island.  Nothing like marble instead of wood when it comes to a paneled look, base moulding, etc.  Outstanding!

Its not a vertical surface, but I think the veining in this countertop is stunning, not to mention that crisp extra-thick edge.

Not a single vertical surface is untouched with marble here.  The tiled effect is simple, yet beautiful.  I could move right in to this kitchen.

I didn't think I could love this space any more, then I saw it from another angle!  The tiled niche is genius, and cleverly integrates with the adjacent room.

This space isn't as dramatic as some, but is perhaps a little more "attainable".  Marble tile is a more economic choice than slabs, and I love how it continues up the tub for a seamless effect.

Speaking of dramatic though, this bathroom makes my heart beat a little bit faster.  The custom touches like that marble sink, as well as the vent covers made from marble slab really set the space apart and elevate it to a beautiful level of modern.  Plus, I love the warm gray veining that this particular marble offers.

This apron front sink really caught my eye.  A sleek look with a nod to tradition that doesn't say "farm sink" at all.

I'm sure there's no storage to speak of underneath this vanity, but the thing is so stunning I wouldn't care at all! 

I'm loving these marble shelves peeking out from that stone column.  So monolithic and modern, but the visual texture from the marble adds just the right amount of relief.

And finally, a little portfolio piece from my own pursuit of this glorious stone.  My bathroom from our former home--hexagon marble tile for the backsplash, and Carrara floors and countertop. 
I miss it terribly :) 


The Starr Family said...
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The Starr Family said...

Let's try this again...

There is quite possibly, nothing as sophisticated as carrara marble. Beautiful and luxe... and not very friendly with spaghetti sauce! :)

Sarah said...

Hi Kristin: I work in a kitchen/bath showroom and people love Terestone, which looks a lot like granite or marble. The Platinum Mist is a dead ringer for the Carrara Marble...and probably at a fraction of the cost!

Janell @ House of Fifty said...

I'm with you, can't get enough. Janell

Unknown said...

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spidervein said...

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