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Wish I'd Thought of This!

I have many magazine subscriptions (probably too many), but getting the mail everyday becomes a little more interesting when there's a little nugget of a home decor magazine waiting for me.  One of my favorites is House Beautiful, and I love their monthly column called the Best!.  March's issue has me smitten with these delightful little cafe au lait cups that are decorative, functional and genius.  Look:

Look closely--when filled with your favorite milky beverage, these clever creations reveal the shape of a bird, cat, or wolf.  So innovative!  They were designed by French designer Geraldine de Beco, and are available through Bernardaud.  At $189 a piece, I don't think I'll be sipping out of these anytime soon, but the brilliance of their design has certainly caught my attention. 

Have a great weekend!

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