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Let's Try This Again

I've done a shameful job of maintaining this blog for the past few months.  Shameful.  While I fully realize that keeping readers engaged and building a base of followers requires commitment and consistency, I've let several things get in the way of moving forward in this endeavor.  Call it being busy with work (not a good excuse--everyone is busy), or allowing myself to feel like I had nothing great to write about, whatever way you look at it, I've missed great opportunities to share over the past months because I simply haven't set aside the time.  That said, I do feel like one special thing has been "distracting" me since early this year.  A few months ago, this happened:

Yes indeed, we're expecting our first baby--a little boy--arriving in mid-October!!!!!!  The pregnancy has been great, and I feel like there is so much to look forward to.  The anticipation is killing me these days!  So being that there are big changes coming our way in just a few short months, and knowing that our little CottageModern needs to be ready for a new family member, things have been very busy around here. Currently, we're living through another round of demolition/renovation, this time its the bathroom and nursery that are under attack.  Great transformations are happening, and I'd love to start sharing some of my projects again.

So if you're still out there, and haven't completely given up on hearing from me, I appreciate it so much.  I promise to make it interesting, and make up for lost time with some great project updates!


Sarah said...

Hi Kristen! Congratulations and great to have you back! You look great and how exciting - looking forward to your posts! Hope you are enjoying the summer!! ;-)

The Starr Family said...

So happy to hear the fabulous news! Congrats, it will be the most incredible ride of your life... oh parenthood! You look amazing and I'm thrilled to see you back on here!