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A 50's Bathroom Update

Even the smallest of updates would be an improvement in this existing bathroom.  Heck, we would have settled for running water in the sink.  For more than a year we'd been living with a cold water trickle only, and using the bathtub for all daily washing--sad, I know.  Since we moved in and the problems began, we debated replacing just the faucet (which turned out to be a plumbing nightmare), to replacing the entire vanity top or vanity in order to "make due" for the next few years.  Eventually (and as you'll see in the photos), we realized that one small "fix" would have led to another area needing attention, and the project snowballed into something that we were either going to have to do all at once, or live with it the way it was.  I chose to do it all at once--and at 7 months pregnant, why not take on a major remodeling project? :)

This bathroom was really more like a tiled bunker--so heavily clad in mortar and flesh colored 50's tile that it could have been our panic room in case of emergency.  From the walls to the floors to the fixtures, everything was done in varying shades of pinky-peach, and wallpaper had been added sometime in the last 60 years to "tie it all together".  It was truly like stepping back in time every morning we woke up and walked into that space!

One of the (many) problems with this space is its long, narrow orientation.  Sure, we could have knocked out walls and borrowed space from other rooms, rearranged fixtures and really gone all out, but keep in mind that this is kind of a "forced" renovation, so my challenge was to keep it simple, keep the existing footprint, keep it on a tight budget (most importantly), and still make this a more functional space for our growing family.

Great progress is happening, and I'll post more pictures this week, but for now, here's a sneak peak at some of the fixtures and hard finishes that will be going into the space:

The overall look is cool and clean, but with some fun and interesting materials and textures.  The glass and marble accent shower tile went in beautifully, and I'm excited to see how the floor tile goes in this week.  I chose a dark, wenge-colored porcelain tile that comes in long narrow pieces and evokes the look of hardwood floors.  Super durable, but with a bit of interest, and I think the dark color will really anchor the space.  I'm also adding touches of weathered oak in the form of storage cabinetry, so that will add another texture and tone to this cool scheme.  Check back for progress, and to see how its all coming together!  

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Sarah said...

Hi Kristen: Thank you for your kind comments about my blog! This looks like a very interesting redesign - I love your comments about the old bathroom - I have never seen a faucet tilted like that into the sink - very strange! Your new scheme looks really fresh and sophisticated! Can't wait to see the photos!!