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My Wonderful Weekend

This past weekend I headed back home to Canada to visit my family one last time before the baby is born.  I had  a very memorable time, and I want to take the opportunity to brag on my wonderful family for the great time they hosted for me while I was there. 

First, I got to see this little peanut, who is just as precious as ever, and is developing the most charming, fun-loving personality.

Then, my talented sister-in-law, who owns and designs wedding cakes for Sugar! Wedding Cakes invited me to help her with a one-of-a-kind creation for a wedding this weekend.  It was SO MUCH FUN, and the cake, which was inspired by the art of quilling, turned out beautifully!

We had hours and hours of fun, and I was honored to be a part of this custom piece, which by the way, tastes as good as it looks.  The banana cake she makes is delicious, and cream cheese frosting is to die for!  The baby definitely got a sugar rush during my visit this weekend!  

In the midst of all of this fun, my sis topped it off by telling me that she was hosting a "surprise" baby shower on Sunday afternoon!  So exciting, and so appreciated by me.  Despite having cakes to bake, decorate and deliver all weekend, she managed to fit everything in, and threw me a wonderful shower where I had the opportunity to see old friends and dear family members from my "homeland".  And I certainly can't neglect to mention my amazing mom in all of this--it was the two of them who worked really hard to make this all come together in a beautiful (and delicious!) way.  Here's what they did:

Lovely little touches throughout the house--inspired by my color scheme for the baby's room, aqua and orange, and my love for little baby whales.

I love the handmade touches the best, and am so excited about this art piece my sis made for the baby's room--perfect color choices, and so well put together!  Beautiful job, and I can't wait to get it hung up in the completed nursery.

My mom's "cake" creation is so special to me.  She put it together with handmade receiving blankets (made by her, of course), and a collection of the tiniest, most wonderful little sleepers for the new baby boy.  It still seems surreal that we'll be welcoming him into the world in just two short months!

So together with a smattering of sweet desserts, an afternoon of fun and fellowship with family and friends (not to mention the generous gifts given by all), and the hard work and love my family poured into making this a memorable weekend, I'm one happy mama-to-be.  Thank you and love you lots, mom and Sheena!

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Sarah said...

Thanks for sharing - looks like it was a lovely weekend! I spy a trifle cake! Love all the colors and the food really looks great in the pix! Have a great week Kristen! ;-)