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An Accidental Favorite: Turquoise & Orange

Since the nursery color combo has been on my mind a lot lately, I'm taking notice of this combination everywhere.  I didn't realize it was so popular until I did some more digging, and now that I've found this collection of delicious images, I'm liking these colors even more......

What a fabulous kid's space!  Its so chic and modern, but still incorporates a touch of whimsy with that zebra rug, fresh palate, and monogrammed pillows.  My favorite part--the antler chandelier!  What a great crowning touch.

House Beautiful via House of Turquoise

Since I have kid's rooms on the brain, this one obviously struck a chord with me!  My favorite part--that grandparent's-house-meets-cabin vintage-look sailboat wallpaper.  Love it!

 House Beautiful

I've always loved this room--so serene but that orange quilt adds such an unexpected zing of color.  

 Elle Decor

Never mind the delicious color combination, I want that chandelier!  The mix of styles make this room feel so lovely and fantastical....

 Emily Gilbert via House of Turquoise

This goldy-peach version of orange is handled so well in this space.  Perfectly complimented by a soft, seafoam tone.  Beautiful!

Personally, I don't think I could live in this room, but I'd love to vacation in a space like this.  There's a lot to look at, and the whole room kind of wraps you up in a warm, graphic hug :)

 Tobi Fairley

Tobi Fairley

I could move right in to both of these spaces!  I love the jade tone in the first photo--an interesting and unexpected compliment to the orange.  In the bedroom, orange and turquoise is handled in such a sophisticated way--restrained pops of color, but an overall serene feel to the room.

I haven't seen a space by Tracery Interiors that I don't immediately fall in love with.  There's a refined rusticity to both of these rooms that feels so comfortable.  Accents of orange and aqua are beautifully handled, adding interest and punch.  I especially love the wallpaper in that bedroom--so fun!


Stephanie said...

I think the turquoise and orange combo really pops when it is with a lot of white. I really like the two colors together though, just so vibrant and fun. The first picture is my favorite

Sarah said...

I agree completely - I LOVE turquoise and orange and it was after seeing a Tobi Fairley design in Traditional Home done in these colors that I decided to redesign my bedroom in the colors. I still have to paint a dresser orange...after the holiday...;-)

Unknown said...

My all time favorite is turquoise with brown that's what I have in my bedroom here at NMS at Lincoln. My patio is off the bedroom and I've been contemplating patio furniture and color schemes. Now I know I'm going with turquoise and orange it will make a great extension from the bedroom...thanks!