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Baby CottageModern's Nursery Colors

As I've mentioned, there's a lot going on in my house in preparation for the "new little addition".  I remember a few months back when I had a ton of energy and a ton of ideas--all of which I had every intention of implementing.  I work well under pressure, and need deadlines to motivate me to action, so there's nothing like an impending birth to get me workin'.  Unfortunately (this being my first and me being completely clueless), I "forgot" that carrying around a fully-inflated beach ball on my front (as well as additional poundage elsewhere...ugh) might slow me down a little bit.  Needless to say, I'm still trying to accomplish a lot, and thankfully its starting to come together. 

 (from top to bottom) 
Benjamin Moore's Pool Blue (accent paint color); 
Fireball Orange (accent color); 
Restoration Hardware's Pale Silver (main wall color)

Months ago, as I was trying to come up with a less-conventional color combo for the baby's room, I decided that if it was a boy, I'd do turquoise and orange, and if it was a girl I'd go with turquoise and lavender.  Secretly, I'd always preferred the turquoise and orange idea, and am excited to get to carry it out.  A few of my A-list finds related to this color combo:

This bedding is ordered and should be arriving on my doorstep tomorrow!  Excited to see how these pieces look in the room.  I'm in love with pretty much everything Serena & Lily has to offer, and was so excited to find this color combo in their "Ben" nursery bedding collection.

The bedding is going on this crib, which I'm extremely pleased with now that its all assembled.  It has a modern look, but was a fraction of the cost of all those beautiful clean-lined modern ones.

This was the fabric that got it all started for me, and although it isn't a perfect match to the bedding, I'm still trying to figure out a way to make it work in the room (this image looks much more seafoam green--in reality, its a nice turquoise/aqua).  I love the color, the over-scaled geometric pattern, and the fact that it has some soft sophistication to it. 

I fell in love with these floor pillows from aletafae on Etsy.  They are made in a variety of graphic fabrics, and the designer who makes them has such a wonderful eye for color and fabric that its hard to decide which one to go with!  I haven't officially placed my order yet, but plan to order the one pictured above.  It will be a great foot rest during those late-night feedings, as well as a fun piece of furniture when the baby becomes more mobile.

Some other finds that will help accessorize the room:

Love the softer colors, and the fact that my hometown in Saskatchewan, Canada is visible in this U.S. map :)

I have a few whale items throughout the room, including the pillow from West Elm.  I'm not really into "themes" as such, but there are some cute things out there, and hopefully I can tastefully integrate a few of them.  The bookends are on my wish list, but at their current price tag, I'm sure they won't be making it into this nursery anytime soon. Will they, Mr.CottageModern? :)

Actual photos of the room coming soon!

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Designing Domesticity said...

Looks great! Can't wait to see it all come together. I'm starting on an update of our existing nursery as we speak. Unfortunately, nothing quite as exciting as what you have going on! liz