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Do You Like this Kitchen?

If you ask me, Canadian House & Home magazine is one of the best design magazines available today.  This isn't a plug for my Canadian heritage, or a bias because I'm from that country, but I do think that this publication showcases some of the best and most beautiful when it comes to residential interiors across Canada.  What I like about the magazine is that they feature spaces that are high-style, high-end and impeccably pulled together, but still manage to appeal to the average homeowner and design enthusiast.  It takes a team of talented editors to create a resource for design professionals while still inspiring the everyday homeowner, and I think this magazine does a great job of it.

Every year, they feature a tour of the Princess Margaret Showhome, and I have absolutely fallen in love with some of the kitchens in those homes (designed by the House & Home team).  In 2008 they pulled together this classic-meets-weathered look that showed off current trends while still maintaining a classic aesthetic:

And in 2009 produced this to-die-for modern meets country kitchen--so many unexpected, yet perfectly executed elements:

So with a history of loving the kitchens in these homes, I have to say that I'm not over-the-moon with the most current one from the 2011 showhome:

As a kitchen design professional, I'm always on the lookout for current trends, whether it be a new and innovative material for surfaces, functional hardware that allows for improved useability, or interesting colour directions for the kitchen space.  I hope I'm not coming across as totally clueless or style-less when I say that I can't quite embrace the abundance of "mustard" happening in this room.  While the colour tone itself is quite beautiful and there are other elements in the space that I love, such as the range/hood combination, stone floor and rustic work island, for me, the colour is just too much of a good thing.  

I do love the dresser-style hardware on the base cabinets, as well as the grandness that's achieved by taking the wall cabinets all the way up to the high ceilings.  And I do appreciate that they committed to the ochre color in its primary state without gobbing it up with glazing or distressing.  I want to know what other people out there think I the only one struggling with this "new" design direction?  Opinions please!


Holly Gruszka said...

Good question!! I am a big fan of yellow, but I'm not sure that I could commit to it for all of my cabinets. Do you think the painted cabinet (other than white or a stain) is a trend? I always like a bix of a painted cabinet on the base and a neutral on the uppers, but then again I have all cream colored cabinets at home. I DO love the black hood (that is awesome), the range, and the light fixtures. I also wish we had trimmed our upper cabinets out so that they went to the ceiling - maybe should think about doing that anyway. Great post Kristen!
And I forgot to mention, that I don't subscribe to House & Home but I've gotten a few issues and really enjoy it. I agree too that it is relatable design.

Stephanie said...

I haven't read my most recent issue yet. I get it digitally and I find that I tend to put off reading them when there isn't a paper version sitting on my desk. The color isn't so bad, but you are right too much of a good thing. Not a fan of the light fixtures so close to each other and the same scale. It looks forced over the sink. The wimpy open island is again not the right scale to the heaviness of the kitchen cabinet colors. Lots of good ideas here, but maybe not such a good idea to put them all in this one kitchen.