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Happy Heart Day

I wish I were more into Valentine's day in terms of decorating, romantic stuff, etc., but I've never really embraced the "holiday" that much.  Even so, I thought I'd post a few pics I came across that I just LOVE, and think they relate beautifully to this little Heart Day without being too predictable.

JC Penney launched a great new branding and advertising campaign this February.  Their latest ad showcases their new "look", and I love how they've breathed a new freshness into what was becoming a bit of a stale department store.  I'm especially fond of the graphics in their ad, like the one above for Valentine's jewelry.  I would never buy any of that stuff, but when its all grouped together like that, I just might take a second look.  And I would love to have the time to arrange my underwear drawer like this:

A quick search on Pinterest turned up these adorable little heart compositions:

And I got the biggest smile on my face when I found this most creative collection of art piece/images by the talented Leslie of A Creative Mint.  Delightful!

And there's more of these!  Click here to see them!

Hope you have a special day with whomever you're sweetie is!  And even though I said I don't really "get into" this spirit of Valentine's, here's a peek at me and my forever valentine......I love you J.


Holly Gruszka said...

Aw, you look beautiful! That is romantic :) I'm not into Valentine's Day either really. I do love the spools and buttons heart though - that is too cute.

Andrea said...

That is such a great picture of you and your valentine. Hope you had a great V-dayi!