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Humor in the Kitchen

Like many of you this past weekend, we spent the Superbowl with friends, enjoying an evening away from the house in the company of people we like.  When I say "we" watched the Superbowl, I really mean my husband because I have zero to no interest in football whatsoever.  In order to make the event tolerable though, I like to spend some time in the kitchen preparing goodies that can be enjoyed during the game.  I take my role very seriously :), but this year my plans didn't go as planned.....

I picked up this Nordic Ware stadium pan a few years ago on super sale, thinking it would be perfect for a theme cake for a sporting event.  I tried baking a cake with it once before with disastrous results, but had renewed hope in myself this year, and tried once again.  The pan came with an image of what the finished cake could look like:

Very cute.  Mine looked like this:

My husband called it "post-apocalyptic", and I just laughed at the disaster that I'd created (once again).  My three month old even started giggling as I was trying to shake it loose from the pan.

With two failed attempts at this cake, the pan might be relegated to our garage sale pile for the spring, but we'll see.  Or I could ask my expert sister-in-law, who runs a successful wedding cake design business, what the perfect recipe would be for a cake that actually comes out of the pan properly.  I'm embarrassed that she even has to see this cake disaster :)  There are two bits of silver lining though.  

Spray icing in a can:

I bought this to decorate the stadium cake with.  However, when the project failed, it worked great to take a handful of broken cake, cover it with a generous spray of icing-in-a-can, and eat away my sorrows in the form of chocolate cake.  So much for the post-pregnancy diet this weekend :)

Heath Bar Trifle:

This is the best-tasting and most impressive recipe to use when your cake is ruined.  I've done it many times, in many forms with different ingredients, when anything from box cakes to angel food cakes have failed.  Here's the chocolate version:

1.  Bake a chocolate box cake and once cooled, cut into cubes (or in my case, use the pieces that are already broken).  Take a large bowl--a glass one works nicely--and layer cake on bottom.

2.  Prepare 2 boxes of chocolate pudding according to the package instructions and layer 1/3 of the mixture on the cake.

3.  Spread a layer of Cool Whip on top of the pudding and sprinkle with Heath Bits (or crushed up Skor bars in Canada :))

4.  Repeat these steps twice more, and voila, an impressive and large dessert for a crowd.  

And no one will ever know the disaster that had to happen to create this masterpiece.  Enjoy :)

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Holly Gruszka said...

I feel for you Kristen. I just had a baking fail last night. My daughter is allergic to eggs so I attempted to make cupcakes with an egg substitute (I used a can of soda for 3 eggs) so bad and will never try that again. They didn't rise and they just fell apart when you took the wrapper off. Our heart is in the right place though, right? The heath bar dessert sounds wonderful! Are you on Pinterest Kristen?