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Nearly Complete.....Entryway on the Home Stretch

Last week marked the final phase (of sorts) in our entryway.  When I say that, I mean that all of the work that needs to be done by contractors is complete.  It doesn't include me putzing and painting and decorating and changing my mind until its just "so".  The finished finished product will eventually arrive, but until then, here's a little peek at last week's progress.  Where we started:

Where it sat for a couple of years:

And where it is today:

Such an improvement, even with the cobbled together finishes that have yet to be painted!  When I originally asked my contractor to bid the project, I asked him if he had time for a "quick little job--maybe a half day or so".  Clearly I had no concept of what it would take, as he told me that it would likely be a two day job.  He ended up being there for just over two days, and I learned a thing or two about how much goes into calculating and measuring to get things to work out right.  And we had a skilled carpenter working only on a small staircase project.  I have a new respect for what goes into making those dramatic and beautiful staircases look perfectly planned and put together, and I'm grateful for the care and attention that went into getting this project done for me.  Although its certainly not big or bold, this space is approaching the finish line (finally), and I'm proud of how its looking because I've waited so long to get here.  A beautiful staircase and entryway can really set the tone for what's to come in the rest of the home as well as anchor the space it sits in.  Here are some great inspirations:

Black is a beautiful punctuation mark in both of these stairways.  I like how its used with restraint in the top image, serving to guide the eye up and around and accentuating the architecture of the staircase.  In the second photo, the richness of the handrail and stair treads is repeated in the picture gallery and lantern pendant, making the space look wonderfully cohesive.

I love how the staircases in these images serve as a backdrop for the other elements in the space.  The railing and spindles become part of the entire composition and offer a jumping point from which to choose other textures, colors and finishes.  That last photo with the spindles running full height is spectacular, and I can't take my eyes off of the perfect balance, proportion and symmetry that it creates!

Whatever the material or color, a mass of spindles can create great visual repetition.  In the first image, an all white palate by my design crush Sarah Richardson strongly reinforces the graphic nature of the staircase.

Great modern take on traditional spindles without looking the least bit contrived.  Or, if modern is the way to go, how about no spindles at all?  LOVE the simple but bold statement this space makes:

I think wood spindles would have been too much in this cozy little space.  The delicate metal x-mullions are perfect in scale and design, and bring the art collection into the rest of the space.  My favorite part is the gold finial--a great finishing touch!

I want to live here!  The rope staircase suggests a casual and relaxed lifestyle, perfect for a day at the beach, which I'm sure is right out the front door of this charming little space.  

Finally, even though the staircase isn't in full view here, I love the angle of this shot and the feel that it gives. Reminds me of the summertime where playing outside all day long is calling, and little grass-covered feet run in and out for home-made popsicles and lemonade.  A simple beautiful space that's ready to take on the joys and messes of family life.....:)


Chantel said...


What a beautiful space you have created. I love the new look.

Sarah said...

It looks great, I LOVE the sophisticated paper, beautiful ;-))